New downtown Victoria clinic providing primary health care

Health Care on Yates
1139 Yates Street Victoria BC
No walk-ins, 6 doctors

 Clinic website


Press release

From the government announcement: “Currently, six full-time equivalent (FTE) nurse practitioners are employed by the clinic. When fully staffed, the clinic will include registered nurses, a social worker and a mental health and substance use clinician, for a total of 10 FTE health-care staff”.

Important information: On the contact page of their website it says “We will open the application process on the first Tuesday of every month then close it again when we reach the total number we can process in a month. If you do not see the application on the contact us page, check back one month later. Our intent is to process applications as fast as we can without creating a long wait for new patients”

The Patient Intake Request Form is on the contact page of their website (at least when they are accepting applications).


Victoria clinic planning major expansion

**Feb 1, 2021 Update: The clinic only has a wait list now for patients over 70 with complex care needs. **

Eagle Creek Medical Clinic
120-27 Helmcken Rd , Victoria, BC
Clinic Website


This clinic is located in the vicinity of Victoria General Hospital.

According to their website, they are planning to attach 5000 new patients over the next 15 months. See here for details and to access their patient application form.

We understand they will be limiting new patients to residents of neighborhoods in Victoria’s western communities such as View Royal, Colwood and Langford.


Priority Notification Service for the South Island Open

Due to overwhelming demand we had to close the South Island Priority Notification Service to new subscribers in June of this year.

We are pleased to announce that due to subscribers finding family doctors and leaving the service we now have space to accept more people.

If you are looking for a family doctor in the South Island Region (which is everything south of the Malahat on Vancouver Island) you can find out more here.

West Vancouver Clinics Added to

After a year of working out the logistics and strategies for helping people find family doctors and nurse practitioners on Vancouver Island, we have started our expansion into the rest of BC by adding West Vancouver Clinics.

We added 13 clinics, representing about 40 family doctors. We found 5 clinics (a very high percentage) reported they at least might be accepting new patients on their websites, but websites are often out of date. If people call clinics and find their accepting status is different than reported, please take a moment to fill of the “Call Report Form” provided on the contact page to let us know so we can update the information.

Find clinics accepting new patients in West Vancouver here.