Find a Doctor BC
is a website dedicated to helping patients help each other find family practitioners accepting new patients in BC.

The site works by providing location and contact information for most of the clinics and doctor offices providing family practitioner services in an area.

Sample doctor search map

Patients actively looking for a family doctor can use this information to easily see which doctors might be accepting new patients in their area. If there are none, patients can call those clinics whose status may have changed recently and easily report their findings to others.

We currently cover 760 family clinics in BC, representing over 3,800 family physicians and nurse practitioners and 97% of BC’s population.

Since starting in 2019, hundreds of people in BC have used findadoctorbc.ca to help them find a family doctor. Here is what some of them are saying.

This service just makes sense. People need to be notified of accepting health facilities and in an organized way for all. I highly recommend Find a Doctor BC.

Jennifer from Victoria

Your service led to me finding a family doctor after years without one. I’ve told other people I know to subscribe.

Erin from Victoria

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