Priority Notification Service

In all honesty, unless a GP in your area is accepting new patients right now it will likely take a long time to find one. People can spend months looking. Many find the task too daunting and simply give up.

Instead, please consider signing up for our notification service. When we become aware of a clinic in your region accepting new patients, we send you an email to let you know. Then you can decide if you want to act on it or wait for the next one.

Here is what some past subscribers have said.

Your program is great. We would never have found a doctor without it.

Sonia from Victoria

I would like to thank you for this service. It resulted in both my husband and I finding a new family physician.

Cindy from Victoria

Your service led to me finding a family doctor after years without one. I’ve told other people I know to subscribe.

Erin from Victoria

I had no idea such an amazing service existed and I am thrilled with the outcome. I would, and have, strongly recommend the site to others, and many of the people I recommended it to have found a doctor.

Denise from Victoria

What comes with your Notification Service?

  • An email alert will be sent to you when a family physician or family practitioner in your region is reported accepting new patients. The email alert contains details about the physician/clinic, what was reported and a link to details about how to contact them.
  • You can choose the region for which you desire notifications.
  • You can relax knowing you won't miss out on the opportunity to find a family doctor in your area because you forgot to check back on the website.

For only $3.99 monthly, you can have peace of mind that you won't miss out when a doctor becomes available near you. And you can cancel anytime. If you feel you can't afford the service you can apply here for a 6 month fee waiver.

Please choose the region you want to find a family doctor in
(note the South Island is a High Demand area and has limited availability)