New, mostly private, clinic accepting up to 500 patients.

Message (Private Clinic, mostly non-MSP)
303-2537 Beacon Avenue , Victoria, BC
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This is a new, mostly non-MSP (private) clinic in the Victoria area that is accepting up to 500 patients.

From the clinic:

“We are a company that has been committed to increasing access to physician services and have also recently pivoted to embrace new technologies focused on a cancer detection, prevention, and overall quality of health. After months of research and development, we are proud to announce the launch our new clinic called Our new clinic employs technologies such a FDA-recognized cancer test that aims to detect over 50 types of cancer. We also employ a thorough analysis of your whole DNA to evaluate your risk of cancer and other potential major health concerns. We send a nurse to your home to evaluate levels of: formaldehyde, radiation, EMF levels, and radon. We also provide ongoing medical home services with your own health navigator.

We are accepting our first 500 patients starting in August, 2023. For more information on pricing and the full list of services, please visit our website at .

If you are interested in becoming a patient, select the “Become a Patient” tab on our website. Patients are welcome to join our clinic even if they already have a family doctor and want to keep that family doctor. Please note that most of our services are NOT covered by MSP.”