Shoreline Medical now using Health Connect Registry

Shoreline Medical Brentwood
102-7143 Saanich Rd W , Brentwood Bay, BC
Clinic Website


According to the Shoreline Medical website, Shoreline Medical has: “transferred our patient registration list to a new way to connect you to healthcare services and a healthcare provider called the Health Connect Registry (HCR)” This is a “Community-Wide Waitlist for residents that reside in the Saanich Peninsula area”

Sooke clinic now using Provincial wait list

Health Connect Registry is now being used by:

West Coast Family Medical Clinic
1300-6660 Sooke Rd , Sooke, BC
Clinic Website


When West Coast Family Medical Clinic is accepting new patients, they will now be taking those patients from a provincial registry.

From the ‘New Patients’ page of the clinic website: “West Coast Family Medical Clinic is using a patient registration list called the Health Connect Registry. If you reside in the Western Community region, you can register with this online tool to be added to a local registry for a family doctor or nurse practitioner. ”

A link to the registry is on the clinic website.

Shoreline Medical is connected to a community wide wait list (register thru their website)

Shoreline Medical Sidney
2A-2379 Bevan Ave , Sidney, BC
Clinic Website

If you do not have a family doctor and you live on the Saanich Peninsula register for a community-wide wait list

On the FAQ page on the Shoreline Medical website, under the question ‘How do I sign up for a Family Doctor or Nurse Practitioner?”, it says that Shoreline Medical Society has transferred its patient registration list to a Community wide Health Connect Registry for the Saanich Peninsula. The FAQ answer includes a link to that site to sign up.

The FAQ also includes this note: “providing a healthcare provider for residents of the Saanich Peninsula community is very limited at this time. You will be contacted when there is capacity to attach you to a healthcare provider.”