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Call Report Form - Victoria (Private Clinic, mostly non-MSP)
303-2537 Beacon Avenue Victoria BC
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No walk-ins, 1 family practitioner

T:250-800-2850 (touch to call if using a smartphone)

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    • In Vancouver, new, mostly private, clinic accepting up to 500 patients.(Posted May 23, 2024 )

    • – Vancouver (Private Clinic, mostly non-MSP)
      302-550 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC
      Clinic Website

      Contact Information & Map

      This is a new, mostly non-MSP (private) clinic in the Vancouver area that is accepting patients.

      From the clinic:

      “We are a company that has been committed to increasing access to physician services and have also recently pivoted to embrace new technologies focused on a cancer detection, prevention, and overall quality of health. After months of research and development, we launched our first clinic in Victoria BC to resounding success. Now we are proud to announce the launch our new Vancouver clinic! Our clinics employ technologies such a FDA-recognized cancer test called Aristotle by Stage Zero labs that aims to detect numerous types of cancer at the earliest stages! We also employ a thorough analysis of your whole DNA to evaluate your risk of cancer and other potential major health concerns. We also help you evaluate your home levels of: formaldehyde, radiation, EMF levels, and radon, all which have been implicated in negative health outcomes. We also provide ongoing medical home services with your own health navigator and our physicians.

      We are accepting our first 500 patients starting today. For more information on pricing and the full list of services, please visit our website at .

      If you are interested in becoming a patient, select the “Become a Patient” tab on our website. Patients are even welcome to join our clinic if they already have a family doctor and want to keep that family doctor.”

    • New, mostly private, clinic accepting up to 500 patients.(Posted May 7, 2024 )

    • – Victoria (Private Clinic, mostly non-MSP)
      303-2537 Beacon Avenue , Victoria, BC
      Clinic Website

      Contact Information & Map

      This is a new, mostly non-MSP (private) clinic located in the Victoria area that is accepting up to 500 patients. They also accept patients from outside the Victoria area.

      From the clinic:

      My name is Scott Monette BSc, I founded ElevationMD longevity medical clinic in Sidney BC with Dr. Daniel Leach MD and other team members from my other existing medical clinics. After seeing my mother, father, stepmother, both grandfathers and both of my wife’s parents suffer from cancer, I felt I had the moral obligation to use my business skills and healthcare knowledge to help our community. Why have we been waiting until cancer gets to stage three or four before we detect it? Surely there must be ways to screen and detect cancer sooner. When I requested extra screening from my own family physician I was told, “there just aren’t enough resources in the system to screen everyone”. To solve the problem, we created ElevationMD medical clinic as a way for patients to fund their own cancer and disease screening with our collection of innovative health tools, all while caring for our patients’ overall health. 

      Our tools include the new FDA-recognized blood test that tests up to 50 different types of cancer at the earliest stages. We also use DNA sequencing technology and A.I. tools to reduce your risk. We have plans that fit all budgets starting at $199 per month, with many insurance plans covering our services.

      Our plans are packed with value and include: a medical home led by physicians that are focused on prevention and longevity, a personal health navigator, a patient portal to access your medical reports, a thorough annual physical, a dedicated team of health professionals including doctors, a nurse, dietitian, and pharmacist working like medical militia to keep you in optimal health.

      Choose from one of our plans on our pricing page found here: ElevationMD Pricing, we even have a hybrid virtual plan for our non-local patients. You may be able to claim all or a portion of our fees if you have extended health insurance that includes a health savings account.

      Learn more or become a patient by booking your free meet-and-greet appointment:

      online at the following link: ElevationMD appointment booking

      call 250.800.2850

      email us at

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