Langley clinic accepting children and youth

Family practitioner taking children and youth patients at:

Willoughby Medical Centre
B1A-20202 66 Ave , Langley, BC
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Willoughby Medical Centre is not accepting any adult patients, BUT it does have one male doctor who is accepting new patients who are under 24 years old (the clinic website shows that “Dr. Martens is accepting new patients between the ages of 0 and 24 years.”).

To register, call for a booking. The doctor starts at 7:30am on Mon, Wed, Fri.

Langley City clinic taking new patients from Langley Division waitlist

Healthway Medical Clinic
Unit B 20200 Fraser Hwy , Langley, BC


The Healthway Medical Clinic has a doctor who is accepting some new patients through the Langley Division of Family Practice.

Register to be on the waiting list for a family doctor in Langley on the Division website: (click the button under the questions “Are you a Langley or Aldergrove resident looking for a Family Doctor?”