Review of activity in October 2019

As of October 31, 2019, out of 180 clinics being monitored on Vancouver Island there were 12 clinics accepting new patients and 5 that might be accepting new patients.

During October, through our users and our own calling of clinics, we were able to find family clinics that started accepting new patients or started active wait-lists in

  • Victoria
  • Duncan
  • Shawnigan Lake

Unfortunately, the window of opportunity for getting into some of these clinics was ridiculously small, especially those in Victoria. The time from notice that a clinic was accepting new patients to the clinic being reported full was less than 6 days.

This means to be successful, prospective patients need to check the website often, or sign-up for our convenient notification service .

Within the last month ourselves and our users (thank you) spoke to almost half of the clinics monitored and updated their accepting status. That is the difference at Find a Doctor BC – Real humans finding out what is really happening.

Check clinics in your city/town right now.


We will be updating parts of the website to make it easier to navigate.