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Primacy - South Vancouver Medical Clinic
350 SE Marine Dr Vancouver BC
Clinic Website
Walk-ins, 2 family practitioners

T:604-323-0077 (touch to call if using a smartphone)

  • It is unknown if this clinic is accepting new patients
  • Last checked 3 weeks ago

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    As the status of this clinic is unknown it would be very helpful if you could call them as let us know what the status is. If you contact the clinic, please let others know what you find by filling in the Call Report Form shown and submitting. By doing so you will be saving receptionists and other patients a lot of time and trouble.
    News and Updates regarding this clinic

    • Vancouver clinic has online registration and uses email for contacts(Posted February 9, 2024 )

    • Online registration available at:

      Primacy – South Vancouver Medical Clinic
      350 SE Marine Dr , Vancouver, BC
      Clinic Website

      Contact Information & Map

      Primacy – South Vancouver Medical Clinic has a website that provides a means to register. It is not clear if this puts you on a waiting list or registers you as a new patient.

      The clinic no longer takes phone calls. There is no phone number listed on the clinic website anymore. The phone number on this record still connects to the clinic but the message on their phone system gives the email address of their Medical Office Assistant ( and then message saying they look forward to serving you through email.”

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